Our Volunteer Program at the The Dog Rose is a full package of wonderful experiences: Lots of love and cuddles at the shelter with our rescue animals, an all Romanian Experience with a home stay and homemade cooking
We say it is the best Animal Spa Day you can get for CHF 450.- all inclusive 7 days of fantastic volunteer experience, accommodation, food and transfers.
As a volunteer you will be integrated into the daily routine with our local crew. You get to spend lots of time with our dogs when they are out on the play grounds. They will enjoy socialising with you and learn to trust new people. If needed you will be helping with cleaning playgrounds and compartments or other work at the shelter.
If you bring special skills like: dog behaviour, training with children and teenagers, photography, handicraft, we will integrate all your skills into your volunteer program. More information on volunteering with us, see below.

If you are interested, please click on the button below and send us your application:

From our volunteers

Whenever I visit The Dog Rose I am flooded with the joy and love of 200 dogs. It just feels great to see all these great animals so happy. When I return home I feel like I've made a difference and I am already looking forward to the next time!

Tobias FueterFilm Director, Co-Founder of The Dog Rose

Visiting Romania can be tough, it's sobering to see stray dogs on every corner and to learn about the mistreatment of animals, however, The Dog Rose is a breath of fresh air. I have visited The Dog Rose twice now and have had the most amazing experience, the dogs are so happy and have the most beautiful space to run around and play. I particularly enjoyed socialising the more nervous dogs and found it hugely rewarding seeing them progress. I can't wait to go back soon!


I stayed one week at the dog shelter of the organization Citydogs4Streetdogs in Romania and I can honestly say that it was the best volunteer experience of my life so far. I learnt so much about dogs and the lovely Romanians who give everything to save street dogs from being killed and make them feeling love for the very first time. The staff are amazing and they have a huge heart for the animals. It was very sad to say goodbye to Alice, Gabriel and their team and of course to all the dogs! ❤ A small part of my heart will always stay at the shelter. I also appreciated that the volunteers can decide by themselves how much they want to help and work at the shelter. But I never took a day off because I always wanted to be with the dogs! 😉 Be ready for lots of cuddles and a life changing experience!


Volunteering at the Dog Rose was such a great experience. I went for 4 days with 2 of my girlfriends and we absolutely loved it. The staff there were lovely and very grateful for our help. Not only did we spend time socialising the dogs and adorable puppies but we also spent a large chunk of time offering our photography services to take pictures of all dogs for their profiles being as we are all photographers. I would definitely recommend this to anyone but would suggest it is a fun thing to do with other friends.


Volunteering at the Dogrose is a whole new level of volunteering. I’ve volunteered at a lot of places before but never did I have the freedom of initiative and choice ads here. Daily tasks are up for discussion and you can spend as much time with the dogs and pups as you want. You’re allowed amd encouraged to spend time with anxious dogs in order to socialize them step by step which gives a great amount of satisfaction! I was even able to assist with the spaying of some cats! Next to this, the atmosphere at the shelter is lovely, they treat you as family right away. Alice, one of the founders of the Dogrose, is available day and night and goes out of her way to make sure you have the best experience possible. Briefly, strongly recommended! Pro tip: if you decide to go in winter, pack some warm clothes!


Perfect situation in the shelter for all animals. Paradise in Romania. Location is a little bit outside but always only 35 Minutes away from Bucharest Airport Otopeni. Very green huge area with a small lake. All dogs are very friendly and socialized.


I love the Citydogs4streetdogs organisation / community and the huge work they are doing for the dogs in Romania. I'm really looking forward to go again this year and visit the new shelter!


Volunteer Process

Below we have set up a process for the whole volunteering with all the steps it involves.
If you have questions, please check out the frequently asked question section and if you do not find the answer to your question there, please contact Anja Mecklenburgh: [email protected]
  • Send Application form

    After we received your application form we send you a response within 24 hours.

  • Agree an Interview date

    We will meet in a coffee shop or via Skype and discuss volunteering with us. We respond to all your questions.

  • Time to think about it

    You get to think about all the information you were given and let you us know if you want to come.

  • Send final application form in

    Fill in the dates you can come, what your special interests are and all the other information.

  • Pay the volunteer fee

    With the application form please pay the full volunteer fee.

    CHF 450.- per week with accommodation, food and transfers

    CHF 300.- per week with accommodation and food

    CHF 200.- per week transfers, if you stay at a hotel

    CHF 100.- per week if you book hotel and car.

  • Book travels and hotel

    When you are booking your flight from and to Switzerland, please always book a transport crate on the return flight. If we have a dog adopted and ready to travel to Switzerland you can be his flight sponsor. We will support you and provide you with more information to traveling with a dog. We assist you with the hotel booking and other reservations.

  • Discuss volunteer program details

    We will discuss your volunteer program and personalise it to your interests and skills. If you stay for more than a week we will help you to organise some sight seeing in and around Bucharest if you are interested.

  • Start volunteer program

    Our team will welcome you at the airport in Bucharest and bring you to the hotel. You will discuss your first day at the shelter.
    The first day at the shelter you will be shown around, told about the shelter rules and get to meet our dogs.

  • Complete taks of the volunteer program

    You will enjoy doing your tasks and have a wonderful time at our shelter with our dogs.

  • Send feedback report

    We will meet with you to talk about your experience and we are happy to have your feedback to learn how to improve the experience at the shelter.

  • Get a wonderful volunteer certificate

    Something to be proud of: our cool volunteer certificate will be sent to you after you return home.

All information and important facts for volunteering with us, you will find in our Volunteer Guide Booklet. Click here:

Frequently asked questions

What does it cost volunteer at The Dog Rose?

CHF 450.- per week with accommodation, food and transfers
CHF 300.- per week with accommodation and food, you organize a rental car
CHF 200.- per week transfers, if you stay at a hotel
CHF 100.- per week if you book hotel, food and car

For professionals eg vet that come to help with spaying, dog trainers and similar, we set up a special offer/price

What are the living costs that i have to expect?

Living Cost:
Cost is depending on the accommodation you choose from our list. Our hotel list click here. A good hotel is about EUR 30-50 a night

Food Cost: It depends what restaurants you choose. Generally it can be said that eating out in Romania is cheap compared to other European cities:
– a meal is about EUR 7-10

What Hotels do you recommend?

We have a set of hotels we recommend in our general volunteer information booklet. If nothing suits your requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

What Restaurants are fun to eat at?

We have put together a list of nice restaurants we enjoy eating in when visiting the shelter or where recommended to us. Please check out the general volunteer information booklet click here.

When does the work start at the shelter?

Generally the work at the shelter for volunteers starts between 9-10 am. In summer it maybe suitable to start earlier as it is very hot during lunch time and the afternoon and the dogs are not very active then.

In which village is the shelter located?

The shelter is located in Pioresti. Here is a link to Google Map.

If we want to come as a group or a school class?

We are happy to host groups or school classes. Please contact Anja at [email protected] with more details of your plans.

What clothing do you recommend for the work at the shelter?

We recommend you bring robust clothing as when the dogs are excited they love to jump up. We also recommend comfortable (closed-toe) shoes as you will be on your feet for a lot of the day.. Further details you find in the general volunteer booklet

How do I get to the shelter?

By Car:
It is depending on the rental company you are choosing and the season of the year you are coming. We have had good experiences with or

By Train:
If you are staying in Bucharest there is the option to commute by train. The train runs every hour to the shelter. The station to get off is called Crivina.

By Transfer through our staff:
If you are staying on the way of our employees to the shelter, they can take you along.

What vaccination do I need to travel to Romania and be at the shelter?

We recommend the usual vaccination. Romania does not have rabies anymore, but some travel medicine pages recommend the vaccination if you work with animals. All our dogs at the shelter are vaccinated against rabies. For further professional advice please check out your local travel medicine page. Here for Switzerland

What risks are involved working at the shelter?

When working with living animals there is always the risk that you can be bitten. In general our dogs are really friendly and volunteers will be informed during the instruction at the shelter which dogs have which habits, so you know when meeting them how to interact.

Is it safe to come alone to Romania?

Romania is safe to be on your own. You have to take the same precautions as at home eg. Do not leave your valuables unattended.

Do I need to know Romanian to go?

It is always good to know a couple of words in the language of the country you are going to, but our volunteer responsible speaks English, so no extended Romanian knowledge required.

Do I need to have knowledge about dogs?

A basic knowledge about dogs and their behavior is useful, to understand their reaction. We can recommend you the book ‘Calming Signs’ written by Turid Rugaas.