From only a few seconds of your time to weeks of volunteering. There are so many ways to get involved. Here are just a few ideas. Every effort helps. 


Fall in Love

If you always wanted to adopt a stray dog, now is the perfect time to do so! By adopting one of our adorable dogs from the shelter, you are helping in 3 ways at once: there is one less mouth to feed at the emergency shelter, the adoption price helps us build the shelter and most importantly: you just made a dog forever happy!

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Every Penny Helps

The fastet and best way to help us is to donate: on our crowdfund page you can donate towards a concrete goal or simply donate any amount of cash: no matter if it’s 5 or 5000 dollars, your donation makes an immediate difference! We guarantee that 100% of your donation is going straight into the building of our new home for all our dogs.

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Participate with Others

Don’t know what to say when they ask you for your birthday wish? Afraid of random wedding presents? Wish for something bigger this year and tell your friends and family that you wish to rescue hundreds of dogs, put a smile on every human’s face who sees them and make a difference in the world. They can donate any amount to our emergency shelter. Your donation & event will be presented on a special hall of fame at the entrance of our shelter in return.

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Have Fun Helping

Helping makes happy. There is no better way to find out than volunteering with us on this great project: No matter if you physically come to Romania or work from your home on your computer: every help in the following fields helps us tremendously, f.ex.: dog lovers, web designers, construction workers, social media experts, gardeners, animal trainers, animal keepers or film makers.

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Yummy Help

We have partnered with naVita to promote their great dog food products. naVita Dog is a natural and quality food, to base of meat, perfectly suited to the species. All menus naVita Dog have an average content of meat by 70% (except Sensitive and PreDigestif). Buy this deliscious and healthy dog food for your pet at home and a percentage goes to our dogs in Romania.

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Join Us

Be part of The Dog Rose family and join us by becoming a member of our Citydogs4streetdogs community. Your yearly membership supports our dogs. Benefits include invitations to exclusive membership events and regular updates about our activities.

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Help as a Gift

By sponsoring one of our over 150 dogs on our website, you are supporting our cause and help us build the new shelter. Because of the current situation, we will treat any new sponsorship of a dog on our website as a direct donation to the emergency shelter. So if just donating money is too dry for your, pick one of our great dogs and support him. This is also a great present to give in the name of one of your loved ones.

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Sponsor Material

Instead of donating money, you can also sponsor materials that you produce with your company or stuff at home that you have no use for. The following items help us reduce construction costs: wood-, concrete- and metal-production materials rooftops, work tools for construction and gardening, functioning HiFi & internet equipment, functioning e-bikes, cars, vans & tractors kitchen & cleaning equipment.

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Tell Everyone

If you don’t have money, don’t have time or simply cannot directly help us for any reason: you can still do something amazing today. Take a moment and think of someone who loves dogs in your family or your community and share our project with them. Just one ‘share’ can make all the difference! Or just start a conversation about us at your next dinner invitation. Thank you very much!

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