Here’s the roadmap to making sure our dogs are safe for winter time and how we lay the groundwork for a bright future.

Phase 1

Emergency Shelter Details

This is the first step on the road to 'The Dog Rose': Our Emergency Shelter on our very own land. After we were all of a sudden kicked out from our old location due to a change of ownership, we had to move quickly.
  • What Happened
  • New Land
  • Planning & Construction
  • Moving the Dogs
  • Preparing for Next Phase

What happened?

For more than 5 years we had been running a successful shelter on the film studio ground of Media Pro in Buftea, Romania. We built a professional dog shelter from the ground up, rescued hundreds of dogs from the streets and  established a full-service shelter running 24/7 with professional veterinarians overseeing every process. But then, the property of our dog shelter was sold to new owners.
This summer they gave us notice that they would kick us off the property by the end of autumn. So, we quickly needed a new home for our over 160 dogs, employees and veterinarians. Otherwise, they would be without shelter when winter comes…

New Land

Luckily we had prepared for this eventuality and had already bought 2 hectares of land 30 mins north of Bucharest. It’s a great piece of land: quiet, with lots of space and surrounded by nature. It is perfect for our long-term plan to build  ‘The Dog Rose‘ there. But confronted with the current situation, we decided to use it for our emergency shelter. While getting our dogs to safety, we could then prepare the next steps for ‘The Dog Rose’.

Planning & Construction

The compartments offer three times more space per dog than required by law. The playground is hundreds of square meters. The home is supported by our experienced veterinarians, designed together with architects and it respects the needs of our employees.
We planned with the following goals in mind: the safety and comfort of our dogs and employees – but also efficiency, expediency and low costs. The emergency shelter was planned in order to fulfill all needs of a professional shelter – exceeding them in many cases – on a short to mid-term basis. But also with the idea in mind that in the near future the Emergency Shelter will have to be fused with the  eventual Dog Park. We want to integrate as many elements as possible from the emergency shelter into the Dog Rose project.
Construction of the shelter fence and service road has already started. Power, water and the  drainage system are taken care of. We now need urgent financial help to finish the dog compartments. Before winter comes the emergency shelter will have to be up and running to welcome our over 160 dogs.

Moving & Next Steps

As soon as the emergency shelter is ready, we will move all our dogs from the old shelter at Media Pro in Buftea to our new location in Piorești. With some very shy and traumatized dogs this is quite a challenging task! That‘ s why we use only professional animal transports and experienced personnel to ensure a stress-free relocation for our dogs. Once moved, the dogs will be in a dramatically improved and well-equipped new home.
While settling in, we will then plan for the construction of our education center, scheduled to be built in Spring 2018 if we find the funds necessary. The winter months will give us enough time to figure out the perfect location for the education center and its ideal setup.