The Dog Rose – the educational animal rescue garden.
Named after one of Romania’s national symbols, ‘The Dog Rose’ is a very special garden of Eden. A place of love, where rescued animals roam free in gorgeous, big natural gardens and meet children, parents, elderly and anyone who wants to feel connected with nature again. A place, where humans, animals and plants learn from each other in sustainable, peaceful harmony.


All over the world animal shelters have been places of sorrow and sadness. Yes, animals are helped, but no one ever enjoys visiting them in these shelters locked up behind bars. People mostly feel sorry for the animals and often only out of pity, choose to adopt one.

Then again, everybody loves to see animals in the wild: safaris, petting zoos or just feeding a bird in a city café puts a smile on our face. Then why doesn’t it work in animal shelters? For one simple reason: space. Animal shelters typically do not provide the space necessary for an animal to develop naturally.

This is why they become shy, depressed and ultimately what many people misinterprete as ‘aggressive’, even though these animals were not, when they entered the shelter. In our shelter over 80 % of the dogs are perfectly balanced pets. They just need the space to get their daily natural exercise. By planning animal shelters with dramatically more outdoor space and a precise marketing strategy focussing on the joy of these animals, we can turn any shelter into a place of fun and happiness.

With this basic insight in mind, we created the following concept to dramatically change the way we look at animal shelters and how they work.: at the Dog Rose everybody profits: rescued animals are free to develop naturally and are in continuous contact with humans. At night they sleep in natural packs in carefully built homes in the back of the garden. Caretakers and veterinarians work in ideal surroundings and visitors learn about animals, plants and nature.

People will visit the garden to relax, have fun, get educated or just spend time in nature. And as a side-effect – the chances that perfectly happy rescue animals that cuddle up to their visitors by themselves will get adopted in this casual and carefree environment increase dramatically.

Look for the  ‘+’ signs in the illustration below and click on them. This will show you more information about the many elements of our stray dog park.
PUPPY PLAYGROUND: Right at the entrance of our garden, visitors will be greeted by some of the cutest little things on Earth: our dog puppies. Creating a joyful and downright hilarious mood, guests can interact, play and cuddle while strolling through the garden. The puppy playground works both ways since our visitors also provide crucial human contact for our puppies. This will help them to get adopted and enjoy human contact right from the start.
EDUCATION CENTER: this fun and educational center educates kids and families right in the middle of our park on dealing with dogs: how they function, how to communicate with them and how to understand them. This will help them with everyday interactions with dogs in their own neighborhoods. In our healing garden the kids will learn hands-on how our planet works and how to live and even profit from nature in a more sustainable way.
HEALING GARDEN: organic farming has been identified by the Romanian government as a way for the big amount of small farmers in the country to dramatically increase their income. With our garden, we aim to educate the population about these exciting possibilities. We grow organic food and herbs for our cafeteria and beauty products in our webshop and show visitors live, how they can create their own organic garden.
CAFETERIA: organic soups, vegetarian pizzas, delicious drinks, ice cream and organic cooking school classes are offered to the public. The cafeteria also serves as cantina to our workforce and paying volunteers.
DOG PARK: further back in the garden big packs of dogs roam freely. This is where our caretakers train our dogs every day to prepare them for adoption. Dog owners can bring their own dogs for paid training sessions. Guided tours and pack walks are available to special interest visitors in this closed area of the gardens.
VETERINARY CLINIC: the clinic secures the health of all garden dogs. In addition, our two professional veterinarians offer free neutering and vaccinations for any dog that is brought to us. Other medical treatments and minor surgeries are offered to paying customers.
MEDITATION-PAVILLION: meditation- and self-discovery classes for the modern city people who wish to escape from the craziness of daily city life and connect with kind animal souls.
VOLUNTEER HOUSE: multifunctional rooms house our volunteers, who visit from all over Europe to help our case.
We strongly believe in the profitability of our idea. Just because we are non-profit does not mean we have to be not successful. Our goal is to become not only environmentally but also financially self-sufficient during the three years. The whole concept of the Animal Rescue Garden is the idea of creating win-win situations for everybody. 
After a first intense non-refundable financing period needed to get the project off the ground, the yearly funding will come from the following business opportunities:

for each international dog adoption a fee applies. For the last five years, we have been very successful and were able to finance most of the daily business of our shelter this way.

& Attractions

children’s birthday parties which are very popular in Romania will be staged in the middle of our animal garden. Public dog agility contests and other local events are held regularly at the gardens.


volunteer tourism is an attractive and booming activity for young western europeans looking for a meaningful way to pass their vacation. Volunteer tourists help for free at our shelter and pay to live and eat in our gardens.


our organic cafeteria for park visitors, caretakers and volunteers and take-away offerings to commuters will profit when the healthy food hype hits Romania.


dogsitting-, dogpension- and vet-services are offered to local dog owners. While neutering and vaccinations will always stay free, medical treatments and minor surgeries are paid services.

Camps & Trips

educational trips are organized for international european school classes looking to learn more about Romania. Bi-yearly school camps for local Romanian schools are organized.


as a special service to the elderly, selected dogs from our gardens visit the older population at home or in hospitals to lift their spirits.

EU & Private

in return for free park entries for local schools and educating the population in general, we will apply for national and international funds.


We have bought a generous lot of 2 hectares near peaceful Piorești. The land is ideally located between the airport, the multi-million metropole Bucharest and Ploiești with more than 200’000 inhabitants, each of them 30 to 45 minutes away and easily accessible by car, train & bus.

The lot is close to the local train station and our street connects to the next villages with ample commuting business throughout the day. Just 4 kilometers away lies the natural reserve of Scroviștea, one of the biggest forest areas in the larger surroundings.

Right next to our property, another 4 hectares are available to buy. If our funding is successful, the founders of Citydogs4Streetdogs vouch to pay for the four additional hectares, securing the long-term future and possible massive expansion of the garden.

Site Work
EUR 80'000
EUR 30'000
EUR 300'000
Electricity & Sanitary Services
EUR 35'000
EUR 80'000
EUR 20'000
Planning & Construction Managment
EUR 50'000
EUR 120'000
Tools & Materials
EUR 20'000
Additional 5ha of land
EUR 100'000
Other costs
EUR 100'000
EUR 935'000