Verona had a doctor visit

Our Vets Gabriela and Alice took Verona to have an ultrasound done. Why?

We test our dogs regularly for heartworms as Romania is a high risk country for heartworms. We performed this test with Verona and Otis and unfortunately Verona showed a positive result. To know exactly what level the heartworm infection is, an ultrasound and a xray is need. Thank god for Verona she has only a level 2 and can be treated and is good within a month.

Dog house arrived

Today our new dog houses have arrived at the shelter. The houses have been specially designed by our dear Jordi. The dog houses can home more then one dog, so in the cold winter nights they have it nice and cozy.

First Encounter 🧒🐶

Our co-founder Anja Mecklenburgh and her little daughter Olivia have just returned from a visit to the Dog Rose and brought home some first impressions of much more to come.This is how we are going to bring kids and dogs together once the emergency shelter is finished and we move our dogs to the new location at the end of summer. Check out the cute encounter of our first puppy in the new shelter and Anja’s daughter, Olivia. Too cute!