Noëlle Fueter-Stahel has ended her career in finance to devote her life to the dog-human love story.

Together with her husband, filmmaker Tobias Fueter, Anja Mecklenburgh, volunteer members in Switzerland and a professional veterinarian couple in Romania, she runs the charity Citydogs4Streetdogs. Hundreds of street dogs have been rescued in their own local shelter over the last five years and successfully placed on international markets.



Every day, we rescue straydogs from the streets, heal, operate and get them ready for adoption. 



From local Romanian adoptions to international safe homes all over Europe. 



All of our shelter dogs are neutered. And we offer free neuterings with our mobile vet clinic. 



have been served over the last 5 years in our shelter by international volunteers and schools. 


Noëlle Fueter-Stahel


after 15 years as financial advisor to international high net worth individuals for Switzerland's biggest banks and Liechtenstein's most prestigious trust, Noëlle has decided to follow her own big dream: to help stray dogs and humans alike by teaching them about the dog-human relationship. With her unconditional love and addictive passion she has inspired thousands to follow her lead and continues to do so every day.

Tobias Fueter

Media, Web, PR

son of Oscar-winning producer Peter-Christian Fueter & acclaimed choreographer Claudia Corti and born into a filmmaker's dynasty (Swiss legendary actress Anne-Marie Blanc was his grandmother), film director Tobias Fueter owns stories AG, Switzerland's biggest and most successful commercial film company. Inspired by his wife Noëlle's free spirit, he strives to use his professional expertise to make 'The Dog Rose' not only a philanthropic, but also a commercial success.

Anja Mecklenburgh


with a legal degree she was a compliance and ethics officer for the biggest temporary staffing company and later for the biggest bank in Switzerland, when she decided that honorary work is her passion. She was also the president and board member of a women shelter and victim consulting organization in Switzerland.

Alice Stahie

Veterinarian & Shelter Manager

an economist and a vet, Alice has a financial banking degree from the Academy of Economics, a Master in Law of Banks as well as a Veterinary Master in Animals Emergencies. Her vast experience with animals includes 10 years of volunteering for stray dogs, spaying campaigns all over the country and rescuing dogs. 6 years of working at MarcoVet, the biggest veterinary hospital of south east Europe. Her illustrious clients included Prince Radu of Romania, Princess Margareta and Prince Nicholas.

Gabriel Anghelache

Veterinarian & Shelter Manager

graduated University of Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest in 2004 and has been working as veterinary Surgeon, local veterinary inspector and veterinary surgeon in leading positions ever since: Veterinary Surgeon at MarcoVet, Bucharest. Sole charge consultations, intensive care/emergencies, anesthesia, physiotherapy, dermatology, general surgery, radiography, managerial work. Manager of the hospital as part of Dogtown project, also involved in starting of the project. Veterinary manager at Perfect Pet Vet, helping the company's rapid expansion supervising all medical work.

Xavier Bellprat

Scenographer & Architect

as internationally acclaimed scenographer he invents narrative environments from New York to Shanghai. He has been creating award-winning exhibitions, branded experiences, tourist events, car shows and expo pavillons that have excited millions of people all over the world. For the last 35 years, his company Bellprat Partner has worked for the biggest national and international brands and represented Switzerland in many occasions like the expo.02 and the House of Switzerland at the Olympics in London 2012. His creative brilliance and experience in creating emotionally engaging world will help us make ‘The Dog Rose’ a one of a kind experience. Tobias is very proud to call him his uncle.

Jordi Bellprat

Construction Supervisor

Caroline Meyer

Special Projects, Fundraising&Adoption

She is a jewellery designer and a big dog lover.
Caroline and her family just adopted Daisy from the Dogrose shelter.
12 years ago she started her own charity project called Pryia, a children school in North India. The project is a success due to Caroline’s know how in structuring a charity and raising the required funds.
Charity work is Caroline’s big passion and she brings a lot of experience and support to our Dogrose project. She is supporting Dogrose on every possible level.

Anouk Eschler

Transports & Logistics

I grew up with dogs and always loved animals. When I met Noëlle and Tobi, I fast became part of Citydogs4Streetdogs-Team and every year I spend a lot of time helping where I can. If helping at the charity event Animal Christmas, setting up Dog Rose or collect donations for humans and animals in Romania. You can always count on my support.
  • The Beginning

    In December 2011 we founded a small Swiss Foundation taking care of about 180 street dogs in our Shelter on the grounds of the film studio Media Pro in Buftea near Bucarest. The dogs are daily cared for by a team of 5 – www.citydogs4streetdogs.com

  • Moving Forward ...

    Since August 2015 we work together with two fantastic veterinarians (Alice and Gabriel – a couple) who operate on site.

  • Preparing for independence...

     In February 2017 we bought 2 hectares of land for our dogs and are since working on our new vision for our dogs ‚The Dog Rose‘.

  • Getting kicked out...

    On August 1st 2017, the Film Studio Media Pro told us, that we have to leave with all our dogs by the end of autumn as the Studio got sold.

  • Building for the emergency...

    Since then we are working on building an Emergency Shelter on our new land, so our dogs and local team can move asap.

  • Getting dogs to safety...

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  • Educate the population...

    Beginning summer 2018, we start with the construction of our education center in order to teach children how to deal with stray dogs.

  • Build paradise...

    And in 2019 we will start the construction of the full Dog Rose park, an educational animal rescue garden for families.

Charity Website

On our charity website you can find out everything about us, check out our wonderful dogs and even sign up to become a volunteer with us.

Sponsor or Adopt a Dog

Looking for a dog? Look no further. On our adoption page there are dozens of great dogs ready to get adopte, check them out!

Animal Christmas

Each year we organize the glamorous charity event Animal Christmas on November 24th, supported by prominent Swiss doglovers.

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