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Animal Rescue Garden

redefining animal shelters

The Dog Rose is a new kind of animal shelter which brings dogs and children together in a beautiful park. Love is the essence of the project.



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A handful of people, with a handful of pennies, create in less than 10 years, what no authority in Romania is capable of with millions of euros! I love you!

Robert Cristea

Eine tolle Organisation, die wirklich gute Arbeit leistet. The Dogs Rose ist ein super Ansatzpunkt, um den Fellnasen zu helfen. Die Unterstützung lohnt sich.

Susanne Frischmuth

I really like it in my new home. It got lots of space and I can play with my friends outside everyday. But the most fun happens, when schoolkids come by and play with me. That's my favourite thing to do.

Deejayproud resident of The Dog Rose
The construction is split into 3 phases: constructing the emergency shelter on our own new land, building an initial education center for kids & schools and, lastly, establishing the full park. Find out how you can help us build paradise.


PHASE 1: Winter 2017/2018

Our first priority has always been our dogs. The first phase of the Dog Rose involves the construction of our new state-of-the-art dog shelter. Once finished it will provide everything to make our dogs happy: ample space for our dogs to play and socialise as well as a small clinic to get them healthy and  ready for adoption. We are currently in the middle of construction. The shelter opens in late summer 2018.

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  • spacious dog shelter for 200 dogs
  • hundreds of square meters of training grounds
  • simple veterinary clinic with postoperative care
  • quarantine for sick dogs
  • puppy playground
  • food kitchen
  • storage room

Services: Rescueing, Neutering & Rehoming

  • free neutering
  • free surgeries for injured animals
  • free adoptions for locals, reduced for ex-pats
  • international adoptions


PHASE 2: Spring 2018

Education is our primary goal with the Dog Rose. The Education Center brings children and stray dogs together and teaches kids everything about strays dogs: how to interact with them, how to understand their language and how stray dogs can become a wonderful part of every family. Our goal is to open the education center in Fall 2018. Funding for the education center starts now.

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  • classroom for 20 kids
  • incl. education materials
  • kitchen
  • bathroom
  • meditation & yoga room
  • kids & dogs educational playground

Services: Education

  • stray dog training for local kids
  • education for kids & schools
  • school camps
  • dog behaviour seminars


PHASE 3: 2019

The completed Dog Rose park will be a wonderful recreational park for dogs and families. It will offer paid services like a professional pet clinic, a cafeteria, volunteer tourism & social events to make it self-sufficient. During the next year we continue the development with our Swiss architects and local contractors. Funding ends Christmas 2018. The park is scheduled to open in 2020.

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  • recreational park
  • vegetarian café & souvenir shop
  • volunteer house
  • organic healing garden
  • fully equipped veterinary clinic
  • additional 5 hectares of land

Services: Entertainment & Healing

  • vegan dog food
  • therapy dogs
  • dog hotel
  • kid’s birthday parties
  • guided tours
  • volunteer tourism